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News & Events When Is It Time To Consider A Penile Implant For Erectile Dysfunction

When Is It Time To Consider A Penile Implant For Erectile Dysfunction

When is it time to consider a penile implant for erectile dysfunction? If you are tired of taking medications and waiting for them to work, frustrated that they limit your spontaneity, and you want something that is a more permanent solution to erectile dysfunction, you may have your answer. It might be now.

If you are considering a penile implant for erectile dysfunction, schedule a one-on-one consultation with our experienced urologists. Call our clinic in Palm Beach Gardens, FL today at (561) 833-5594.

First Look At Your Options

There are basically two types of penile implants: bendable and inflatable.

penile implant consultation
  • With bendable implants flexible silicone rods are placed into the erection chambers of the penis. When you want an erection, you manually adjust the rods.
  • With an inflatable implant the silicone rods are implanted into the erection chambers which you inflate using a pump hidden in your scrotum.

Talk with Urologic Physicians and Surgeons, PA about the pros and cons of both types before you choose which is best for you.

Then Look At The Benefits

Effective And Discreet

The satisfaction rate of men with a penile implant and their partners is between 90 to 95%. In addition, 80 to 90% of those who had a penile implant have no regrets and would have the surgery again.

When you are ready, your erection will be ready in 15 seconds. You can discreetly create your erection when you choose.

You Are In Control

Just like a natural erection, you don’t have to excuse yourself, make plans to have an erection, or wait. As an added bonus, it lasts as long as you want.

Penile Implants Are Safe

The post surgical infection rate of a penile implant is extremely low at approximately 1%. Of course, it is essential to choose an experienced urologist at Urologic Physicians and Surgeons, PA to reduce the chances of any complications.

You Can Once Again Be Spontaneous

Your sex life can be fun again without waiting or planning.

Natural Sensations

You still will have natural looking erections and full sensation plus the ability to climax. Your partner will not know you have an implant unless you tell them.

Insurance Coverage

Most insurance companies pay for the device and the surgery, including Medicare.

If you suffer with ED and are considering a penile implant, contact Urologic Physicians and Surgeons, PA for an appointment and have all your questions answered. Call our urology clinic in Palm Beach Gardens Florida at (561) 833-5594.

Your Health is our #1 Priority.

Request your appointment today with Urologic Physicians and Surgeons, PA!